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Help creators build their own universe 💫

About Loee Studio 

I founded my art and design studio in 2019, to help brands and creators build their own universe and tell their story through art and design. 

From full branding design, to book illustrations, layout, and movie props, I help you to visually discover your ideas and develop a design to make you dive into your own world. See what I can do for you. 

Art director – Lead Graphic Designer – Illustrator

Who am I ? 

More about me ?  I’m a french creator living in South Korea, working for clients worldwide.

From a young age I’ve been obsessed with art and creation: I wanted to be a drawer, a singer, a writer, a fashion designer… So naturally, from high school I decided to pursue my studies in the art and design field

Having now 10+ years experience in this domain I have a good knowledge of what your project need to capture the attention of its viewers.

I mostly create universe inspired by nature, travel and/or history, also things that I’m obsessed with ! Take a look at my previous projects.

Let’s discover your universe together !

✉ Loeesong.pro@gmail.com ✉